NEPAL HISTORY– Welcome to our blog post on the historical events of Nepal from the years 2060 to 2065. Nepal, a country rich in history and culture, has witnessed numerous significant events during this period that have shaped its present and future. In this article, we will delve into the key historical milestones, ranging from political developments to cultural achievements, that have marked this era in Nepal’s history. Join us as we explore the fascinating journey of Nepal and its people during these years. So let’s dive in and discover the intriguing historical events of Nepal from 2060 to 2065.

Nepal History: Exploring Historical Events from 2060 to 2065

  • 2060 B.S. Ashar 29:- The inauguration of two private television channels Kantipur Television Network and Image Metro Television was held in Kathmandu and organized by Paras Shah.
  • 2060 B.S. Asar 9:- According to the Constitution of Nepal 2047 provided by King Gyanendra Madhav Prasad Ghimire was awarded the title of National Poet.
  • 2060 B.S. Kartik 9:- The Postal Service Department issued a commemorative stamp featuring the image of the national figure Shankhadhar Shakhwa.
  • 2060 B.S. Kartik 16:- Renowned modern Nepali musician Natikaji passed away in Kathmandu at the age of 78.
  • 2060 B.S. Poush 3:- The newly constructed Armed Forces Headquarters in Swayambhu Halchowk Kathmandu was inaugurated by King Gyanendra.
  • 2060 B.S. Magh 8:- King Gyanendra inaugurated the Kali Gandaki “A” Hydropower Project the largest hydroelectric project in Nepal in Syangja.

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2061 B.S. Vaishakh 1:- The decision to transform the Nepal Telecommunications Corporation which has been providing services for a long time into a company was made.

2061 B.S. Vaishakh 18:- The American Information Center in Kathmandu issued a statement placing the Maoists on the international list of terrorists.

2061 B.S. Jeth 8:- Renowned mountaineer Pemba Dorje Sherpa reached the summit of Mount Everest the highest peak in the world in 8 hours and 10 minutes setting a new world record. Previously this record was held by Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa who climbed the summit in 10 hours and 56 minutes.

2061 B.S. Shrawan 1:- A dry port was constructed in Birgunj to facilitate the import of goods from Kolkata India in accordance with legal provisions.

2061 B.S. Shrawan 15:- French citizen Charles Sobhraj accused of murdering an American citizen nearly three decades ago was sentenced to life imprisonment by the District Court in Kathmandu.

2061 B.S. Bhadra 1:- The Armed Islamic Group of Algeria abducted 12 Nepali nationals in Iraq without any demands or conditions and a videotape of their brutal killing was made public in an unknown location. The government announced severe condemnation of the killings and provided relief to the victim’s family.

2061 B.S. Bhadra 1:- The government of the then King Gyanendra announced an immediate relief of Rs. 1 million for the families of those killed in Iraq and declared Bhadra 17 as a national day of mourning.

2061 B.S. Kartik 30:- Renowned musician Shiv Shankar Manandhar passed away.

2061 B.S. Falgun 20:- The first test-tube baby was born at the Kathmandu Om Nursing and Research Center which operates a childless treatment center.

2016 B.S. Chaitra 14:- A memorandum of understanding was signed between Nepal and China for the operation of direct transportation services from Kathmandu to Lhasa which began on May 1.

2062 B.S. Vaishakh 18:- Direct bus service from Kathmandu Nepal to Lhasa Tibet under Chinese administration commenced.

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