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Nepali GK 2079, The Ultimate Quiz Question Answer With PDF for Nepali Students

Nepali GK Questions With Answers PDF Free Download
Nepali GK Questions With Answers PDF Free Download

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School Level Quiz GK Questions and Answers in Nepali

Which is the most widely practiced religion in Nepal?
Answer:- Hinduism

What is the headquarters of the Ramechhap district?
Answer:- Manthali

What is the headquarters of Rupandehi district?
Answer:- Bhairahawa

What is the depth of Mariana Trench, the deepest place on earth?
Answer:- 10,971 meters

Which country produces the most coffee in the world?
Answer:- Brazil

In which country is the world’s deepest lake, Baikal Lake, located?
Answer:- Russia

What is the deepest river in the world?
Answer:- Narayani

In which district of Nepal is “Gauriphanta Naaka” located?
Answer:- Kailali

Which district in Nepal does not share a border with India in the southern plains?
Answer:- Palpa

What is the vehicle of Durga (Goddess)?
Answer:- Lion

Who was the son of Bhimsen Thapa?
Answer:- Amar Singh

Which place is not mentioned in the World Heritage List?
Answer:- Janaki Temple

What is the name of the type of painting that is painted on the walls of Gurung houses?
Answer:- Traditional painting

What is the name of the epic poem written by Tak Bahadur Rai in the Kiranti Rai language?
Answer:- Toyaanma Khilyama

Who built the St. Peter’s Church in Rome?
Answer:- Michaelangelo

When was the first Transit and Trade Treaty signed between Nepal and India?
Answer:- September 11, 1960 AD

Who is the author of the book “Dreams from My Father”?
Answer:- Barack Obama

What type of law is the Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063?
Answer:- Fundamental law

Who was the patron of Library Week?
Answer:- Bhim Shamsher

Who said, “I am the servant of the state”?
Answer:- Padma Shumsher

What is the principle of Kautilya regarding the limbs of the state?
Answer:- The theory of the seven limbs.

When was the District Administration Plan implemented?
Answer:- 2031

Where did Nepal’s western border reach during the reign of King Prithvi Narayan Shah?
Answer:- Gandaki

Who was elected as the Prime Minister after the promulgation of Nepal’s constitution in 2072 BS?
Answer:- KP Oli

Which country with the highest population has the most number of voters?
Answer:- India

Which country did not establish diplomatic relations with Nepal before 2007 BS (1950 AD)?
Answer:- China

Who did Nepal support during the Second World War?
Answer:- United Kingdom

How many types of animals are found in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve?
Answer:- 10

How many types of neurons are there?
Answer:- 2 types

What is the machine called that measures heart rate?
Answer:- Cardiogram

Which country did Germany defeat to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup?
Answer:- Argentina

Who won the Golden Boot in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, when Lionel Messi won the Golden Ball for Argentina?
Answer:- James Rodriguez of Colombia

Which bird is the fastest in the world?
Answer:- Peregrine Falcon

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